Minneapolis Wedding Video | Minneapolis, MN | Jess + Zach

These two and this day were absolutely perfect. From the wonderful people, to the amazing love these two share, to the roaring 20’s themed wedding, we could not have asked for anything better for this Minneapolis wedding video!

The Bride and Groom

Jess and Zach are individually just awesome people to be around, and when you put them together it somehow gets even better. In the maid of honor toast she talks about Jess being bubbly, and that may be an understatement. We remember our first email from these two. They were SO excited for their big day, but more so they were just so excited to marry each other. We knew right away that we were going to love capturing this wedding!

The Venue – Jimmy’s Event Center | Minneapolis, MN

Jimmy’s was the place to be for this 1920’s themed wedding. Both the ceremony and reception took place here and what really made it work was all the work that went into decorating the room. Gold and black festive streamers covering all the walls, with a handful of gaps to display beautiful 1920’s themed signs just for the occasion. Leading into the space were a series of themed photos of the bride and groom along with a quote to transport their guests back in time!

The Wedding  – Minneapolis Wedding Video

The day started at a couple homes in the Minneapolis area. Zach hanging out with his guys, and Jess with her girls. Both finding the time to get ready for the day, while also making sure to relax and enjoy the morning. Jess put on her dress while Zach and his guys put on their Minnesota North Starts socks, and everyone headed to a studio in northeast Minneapolis. Zach waited towards the bottom of a perfectly run down (read beautiful) staircase for his soon to be wife to greet him. After their beautiful and emotional first look, the wedding party made way to a building just a few blocks away. When we were wrapping up at that location, a pristine vintage car pulled into the lot, and jumped at the occasion to let these two use it for photos. It made the day and theme even that much more perfect!

Then it was on to the event center to watch these two become husband and wife! The ceremony was wonderful, with readings from friends and family, and awesome performances as well! Shortly after guests were treated to what has to be the best first dance by a bride and groom of all time, and then everyone danced the night away!

From start to finish, capturing this Minneapolis wedding video was absolute perfection, and we are so honored to have gotten to celebrate with these two!

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Laura Ivanova Photography

Venue | Jimmy’s Event Center

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“We’ve Come So Far” – Robert Shirey Kelly