Palisade Head Wedding | Lake Superior, MN | Sara + Matt

This Palisade Head wedding was perhaps unlike any other wedding we have ever shot, in the best way possible. When we sat down with Sara and Matt to chat about there big day we were instantly on board with their amazing plans, and this Lake Superior wedding lived up to all of our expectations!

The Bride and Groom

Sara and Matt are two awesome people, and it was so visible throughout their entire day. They knew exactly what they wanted their day to look like, and they made it happen! They ditched the norm, and made the day their own, surrounded with their closest friends atop a cliff in northern Minnesota. To make things even better, Matt owns Paddle North, an outdoors company focused on stand up paddle boarding, so they made sure to hop on boards throughout the day in the scenic Lake Superior waters!

The Venue – Palisade Head Wedding – Lake Superior, Minnesota

I don’t think we could come up with a better setting for a wedding ceremony. Palisade Head is along the north short, atop a cliff overlooking Lake Superior. The view is fantastic, and the entire surrounding area is incredibly picturesque.

The Wedding  – Lake Superior Wedding

This Palisade Head wedding started off at the Bluefin Bay resort, just a bit north of Palisade Head. Matt and his guys started the morning by going stand up paddle boarding in the chilly Lake Superior water. The setting was unreal, with fog lifting up off of the water, making it look like they were paddling through clouds.

Meanwhile, Sara and her girls hung out, and spent a casual morning getting ready for the events to come! From there everyone left for Palisade Head, where Matt waited out on the cliff to see Sara in her beautiful dress for the first time! After these two shared their first look, everyone made their way to a little wall on the cliff to witness a ceremony that was just perfect for Sara and Matt. These two were married by their good friend in a ceremony that was relaxed and serious at the same time.

The ceremony was followed by a champagne toast with their close friends, and a first dance atop a huge boulder. Then Sara, Matt, and a few friends drove south to a black sand beach where they each hopped on a paddle board (in their tux and dress!).

The fun didn’t end there however. Sara and Matt kept this day a secret, and invited all of their friends and family back in Minneapolis to a wedding a couple months later. Everyone in attendance thought they were coming to a wedding ceremony, but when they arrived, this video played and guests were invited to join the party!

We can’t thank Sara and Matt enough for trusting us to capture their Palisade Head wedding, and tell their story. It is safe to say that this Lake Superior Wedding is one of our favorites to date, and we were so happy to be a part of it!



Photographer – Four Eyes Foto

Venue – Bluefin Bay Resort

Palisade Head, Lake Superior

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Privately

“Real” – Henry Green